Colloquium on “Future Directions in French Polar Pollution Research”, Toulouse, 14-15 October 2019


The aim of the meeting is twofold. First, to highlight recent and on-going research on the topic of pollution in Polar Regions (Arctic and Antarctic). Second, to discuss the needs, priorities and future directions of the French research on polar pollution with the aim to write a short “position paper” after the meeting. The meeting is thus open to a wide community interested in pollution issues and will cover the different topics identified in the French deliverable to the second Arctic Science Ministerial : Pollutants and Climate, Pollutants and Biogeochemistry, Pollutants and Society, and Pollutants and Ecology. Each session will include keynotes, scientific presentations (oral and poster) and a round table. The latter includes an open discussion about the future format, contours and organization of French research on polar pollution as well as opportunities for funding, new collaborations and contributions at national and international levels. The meeting will be inter-disciplinary and involve researchers from multiple CNRS (INSU, INEE, INSHS and INC) and other institutes.


Colloquium Organization:

contacts : Kathy Law (LATMOS,; Jeroen Sonke (GET,; Roman Teisserenc (EcoLab,

Organizing committee: R Teisserenc, J Sonke, K Law (CNRS); J Fort (INEE), A Lavrillier (INSHS), M-N Houssais (INSU)

Venue: Espace Duranti - Salle Osète, 6 Rue du Lieutenant Colonel Pélissier Toulouse

Directions: Metro line B, Jean Jaures station (From airport: take Navette Airport Bus to Jean Jaures stop, or take Tramway to Palais de Justice, then metro B)

Free registration obligatory

Title and/or Abstract (100 words) for oral/poster presentations - submission deadline 3 October 2019

Preliminary Programme (starts Mon 14, at 10h30; ends Tue at 16h30; lunches and dinner included):


Monday 14 October

10.30 Coffee & registration

11.00 Welcome and workshop aims - Kathy Law (LATMOS), Jeroen Sonke (GET), Roman Teisserenc (EcoLab)

11.15 Welcome - Cyril Moulin (INSU), Jerome Fort (INEE)

11.30 Jerome Chappellaz (CNRS/IPEV): French polar research : operational support and future scientific roadmap

12.00 Kathy Law (LATMOS): Pollution in the Arctic System (PARCS)


12.30 Lunch (provided)


Session 1: Pollution and Climate (chairs Jean-Daniel Paris)

14.00 Keynote: Olivier Jourdan (LaMP): Aerosols, clouds and climate : PARCS and future directions

14.30 Inivted: Alexei Koureaev (LEGOS): Climate change, hydrology and Siberian wetlands: French-Russian cooperation

14.50 Jean-Daniel Paris (LSCE): Sources anthropiques liées au pétrole et au gaz en Sibérie occidentale : mesures aéroportées du méthane

15.05 Kathy Law (LATMOS): Aerosol sources and processes in the wintertime-early springtime Arctic

15.20 Jeroen Sonke (GET): Enhanced arctic river particulate Hg export at the permafrost thawing front

15.35 Discussion - future directions


16.00 Coffee break


Session 2: Pollution and Ecosystems (chairs Jerome Fort, Roman Teisserenc)

16.30 Keynote: Paco Bustamante (LIENSs): Marine predators to monitor chemical contamination in Polar systems.

17.00 Invited: Sophia Hansson (Aarhus Univ.); Wolf spiders as biomonitors of pollutants near Arctic mine sites and their potential role in global contaminant cycles

17.20 Celine Albert (Univ. Lorraine): The use of Arctic top predators to investigate mercury seasonality and large-scale winter mercury distribution.

17.35 Olivier Chastel (CEBC): The consequences of being contaminated: lessons from polar seabirds

17.50 Marina Renedo (GET): Mercury isotopes as a tool to investigate the spatial origin of Arctic seabird contamination

18.05 Discussion - future directions


19.30 Cocktail and dinner à l’O Zen Bistrot (provided): address: 6 Rue Caminade


Tuesday 15 October

Session 3: Pollution and Societies (chairs Alexandra Lavrillier, Kathy Law)

9.00 Keynote: Alexey Dudarev (NPHRC, Russia): Persistent toxic substances (PTS) in the Russian and circumpolar Arctic - environmental health and hygienic aspects

9.30 Invited: Roman Teisserenc (ECOLAB): Changing Siberia (MI CNRS) - reflections on transdisciplinary research

9.50 Alexandra Lavrillier (UVSQ): Indigenous Community-based Observatories for monitoring pollution of the Environment in Siberia

10.05 Discussion - future directions


10.30 Coffee break


Session 4: Pollution and Biogeochemistry (chair: Jeroen Sonke)

10.50 Keynote: Catherine Larose (ECL): Microbial biogeochemical cycling in the Arctic snow

11.20 Invited: Louis Marelle: Modeling Arctic ozone depletion events and halogen chemistry in a regional model

11.40 Olga Oleinikova (GET): Iron isotope fractionation during bio- and photo-degradation of organo-ferric colloids in boreal waters

11.55 Chuxian Li (GET): Unequal anthropogenic enrichment of mercury in Earth's northern and southern hemispheres

12.10 Beatriz Ferreira-Araujo (GET): Atmospheric mercury speciation and Hg stable isotope ratios in Ny Alesund-Svalbard

12.25 Mariia Petrova (MIO): Total and methylated mercury fluxes in the Arctic Ocean via Fram Strait and Barents Sea Opening

12.40 Discussion - future directions


13.00 Lunch (provided)


14.00 World Café style discussion on Future Directions in French Polar Pollution Research, 4x 20min.

15.30 Conclusions World Café, and closing words organizers.

16.00 End of meeting

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